vbEN 12/24h [seconds] Rainbow

«vbEN 12/24h [seconds] Rainbow» by jaychen92825  

Credits to original creator:  schiko Original watchface:vbEN 12/24h [seconds] Only made a minor change on the font color of the time into rainbow colors Source: «vbEN 12/24h [seconds] Rainbow» by jaychen92825 – Cor / Cor 2 | Amazfit WatchFaces catalog

«Extreme Bold Italic» by Hochsitz 

A watch face with big letters and numbers. You can choose between two color options … Watchface Options: (see preview image) 01. Extreme Italic Green Bin (Month Number) 02. Extreme Italic Green Heart Bin (Heart Rate) 03. Extreme Italic Yellow Bin (Month Number) 04. Extreme Italic Yellow Heart Bin (Heart[…]

«wf (v92)» by netoper 

Only 24h – if you like my work, you can support my future projects Source: «wf (v92)» by netoper – Bip / Bip Lite | Amazfit WatchFaces catalog

Huami Color Edition

«Huami Color Edition» by Silencer  

Big Thx @Falkner. Changed colors and european date format. distance = kilometres All credit goes to Falkner Source: «Huami Color Edition» by Silencer – Cor / Cor 2 | Amazfit WatchFaces catalog