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Amazfit Neo review: delightfully retro, smart and cheap

The Amazfit Neo is a bit of an oddball in Amazfit’s extensive collection of smartwatches. It doesn’t have a full color display like the GTS 2 or GTR 2. This is a hybrid fitness tracker that had babies with a 90s Casio, and we love it. But it’s a Casio for the wearable tech generation.… […]

Amazfit Neo review: The retro smartwatch your inner kid will love 

The Amazfit Neo successfully rekindles a retro look that will appeal to older consumers, but is it smart enough to draw in a younger crowd? We take a look at the latest low-cost watch by Amazfit to see if it’s something you should consider putting on your wrist. Source: Amazfit Neo review: The retro smartwatch […]

Amazfit Neo: Retro-Active

The Amazfit Neo will take you right back to the 1990s when some might say the music was better. The design language is straight out of a Casio-type digital watch playbook – a rectangular 1.2-inch black and white, STN (Super-twisted nematic) display and a black (that we tested; the Neo also comes in red and […]

Amazfit Neo Review: Go Down The Memory Lane With Retro Design  

Amazfit Neo Review: One look at the Amazfit Neo and you’ll get nostalgic about these digital watches of the yesteryear. Looks aside, the Amazfit Neo is a smartwatch that comes with a couple of handy features, but also lacks a few. This review talks in-depth about the hits misses on the new Amazfit Neo smartw […]