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So Long … and thanks!

So long and thanks for all the fish | Letterpress printed Do… | Flickr

I’ve really enjoyed running this site since 2015 when I first started it. I love Huami/Zepp’s watches and still wear a GTR in fact. But the fact is that neither Huami USA/China nor Xioami will even send me press releases much less any advance news anymore. They’ve apparently been through staff changes over the years and currently, this site just isn’t on their radar and it hasn’t been for years.

I can’t continue as I have to spend too much time pursuing rumors to find upcoming news and I just don’t have the spare time anymore. It’s sad, we’re still the biggest news aggregator for Huami watches, but personally, I have to focus on other things now.

I’m proud of the role our site played in popularizing the watches, all the custom watch faces, and pushing for new features.

The site will stay online for now. But updates will be few. If someone would like to acquire the site from me, drop me a line at

Thanks to everyone who regularly visited or even just found us when looking for information!


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