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Affordable competitor of AirPods 2. Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro 2hits the market!

On the last week, Xiaomi held a press conference in China presenting innovative Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi TV Pro 4K TVs, 30 W portable wireless charger, Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 3 portable battery and Xiaomi Air 2 wireless headphones.

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After the first experiment at the end of 2018, Xiaomi tries again and launches true wireless earphones that do not hide their inspiration from Apple’s AirPods. Although they try to stand out by the proposed features.

For example, headphones can automatically be connected to a smartphone running on MIUI 11 when you open the charging case and take them out.

When you remove the earphone from your ear, the music will be automatically paused with the help of infrared sensors. Using touch panels, you can control the volume and switch songs. There is also support for voice control.

The Mi AirDots Pro 2 supports Bluetooth 5.0 and LDHC Hi-Res audio codec, smart voice controls, dual microphones for ENC, which is environmental noise cancellation and helps to get high-quality transmission of your voice to the other person. The headphones also have 14.2mm drivers for better audio output.

Without a charging case, the headphones operating time is only 4 hours. But the case extends the total battery life to an impressive 14 hours. You can fully charge the case in just an hour.

Mi AirDots Pro 2 specifications

    • Bluetooth 5.0 (LDHC/SBC/AAC codes) to connect to Android and iOS devices
    • 14.2mm drivers
    • Touch controls for volume and track change
    • Dual microphones for noise cancellation, voice control
    • Infrared sensor for intelligent wear detection so it automatically pauses when you remove them
    • Semi-in-ear design to fit your ear canal, making it comfortable to wear and doesn’t fall off easily.
    • Each headset weigh just 4.5 grams, Case weighs 50 grams
    • 4 hours of standalone playback, 14 hours with the case, USB Type-C charging for the case to charge in 1 hour

The price of Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro 2 is $56.



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