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6 reasons why the Mi Band 4 is a good choice among fitnesstrackers

Screen a Custom Watch Faces

The first thing we see when we pull a fitness bracelet out of the box is its screen. The new color OLED display is by far the most important addition on the Mi Band 4. You may now use colorful watch faces and customize them according to your liking. But what’s even better is that there’s a great support for third-party watch faces which gives users an even wider variety to choose from. And if you don’t like anything that’s out there, it’s not too difficult to make one for yourself too!

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Music Control

Mi Band 4 comes with music control that was absent on previous models. A simple left swipe from the home screen now reveals the music control panel. Here you can see the name of the current track playing, pause/resume music, increase/decrease volume and skip tracks.


The new model has more fitness activities. You can now view your GPS track movement on the smartphone’s map in the application. The device uses a 6-axis accelerometer and there is a new activity type detector. The bracelet monitors whether you have stayed for too long on the one place without any activity, and can also determine the types of activity yourself.

Notification Filtering

The Mi Band 4 can mirror all notifications from your phone to the colorful OLED display from the list of allowed applications. With the Mi Band 4 you can allow notifications from only those apps that were meaningful to you. Such a function makes it possible to filter out unnecessary notifications and not miss really meaningful ones.

Alarm Control

Another handy thing that appeals to anyone who uses the Mi Band and does not want to wake their loved ones in the morning – is the alarm. You can now turn on or off the alarms that are set in the device’s memory on the bracelet. This is a brilliant feature, as sometimes you can just forget to turn off the alarm for tomorrow or to mention this need when you are already well-rested in bed and your smartphone is somewhere on the table.

Bluetooth version

Not very obvious, but an important point worth mentioning. The new model uses Bluetooth version 5.0, that helps to improve energy efficiency of both the bracelet itself and the smartphone (provided that the last one also has a “fifth” Bluetooth). What is more, the connection is now not lost at a greater distance. This allows you to receive notifications even when you go to the next office at work.

Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet with price from $27.99


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