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Zepp Z Smartwatch review

The Zepp Z is a smartwatch with a premium build, classic styling, fitness tracking, Alexa support, and a high price tag. Source: Zepp Z Smartwatch review

The Zepp Z is a Premium, Titanium Beauty with a Price 

Hot off the heals after releasing their premium line of smartwatches, Zepp is at it again with a new wearable that takes premium to another level. While their first smartwatches, the Zepp E Circle … Source: The Zepp Z is a Premium, Titanium Beauty with a Price [Review] | G Style Magazine

Zepp Z review: classy styling but at a price

The Zepp Z is the second smartwatch from the brand now owned by Huami. That’s the same Huami that owns Amazfit and manufactures smartwatches and fitness trackers. Zepp used to make golfing and baseball trackers, but was snapped up by Huami and is now its US-based outlet for smartwatches. The Zepp Z comes just months… […]

Titanium Zepp Z brings familiar features with a premium feel

Zepp has announced its next smartwatch – the Zepp Z – with a high quality design and a big boost in health smarts. The company, now owned by Amazfit’s parent company Huami, has followed up its recent Zepp E Circle and Zepp E Round. The striking, classic-looking smartwatch is made from titanium alloy, for a… […]

Amazfit Zepp E Smartwatch debut in the market – TechnoSports

Huami backed Amazfit added a new smartwatch to its product list and it names Amazfit Zepp E. Two variants are there, with a squarish dial and a circular dial. Mainly the display size and resolution are the main difference along with the pricing. Have a look at all of the specs that have on the […]