January 20, 2021

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Xiaomi explains why Mi Watch got a rectangularscreen

Today Xiaomi launched its very first Mi-branded smartwatch – The Mi Watch. It has a rectangular dial and runs a custom version of the WearOS called MIUI for Watch. Since the design of the watch resembles the Apple Watch a lot, Xiaomi has released a special post on Weibo explaining why they choose a rectangular shape design.

Better Space Management

There is no doubt that a rectangular screen can display more information than the round display (with the same area). There main reason why some of the devices have rectangular screens is that the text or images are not cut off as in the rounded ones.

Better to read

Our eyes are used to reading from a rectangle shape. Billboards, books, magazines, etc. are the best examples of this fact.

Better Navigation

Xiaomi adds that a rectangular display is better for navigation. With a rectangular display, the screen can be navigated sideways, upwards, or downwards. MIUI for Watch has been designed to work exactly this way. However, they claim, it is not that easy when it comes to a round display.

Although, it has been also reported that Xiaomi will launch a Mi Watch Pro in a few months that will come with a round display which sounds a bit ironic considering that they are claiming rectangular display to be a better chose for smartwatches.

Source: www.gizmochina.com


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