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Minimal Analog 3.5 HIDE – Amazfit Bip Watch faces

Simple analog watchface with hidden indicators (battery, date, distance, steps, heart rate).

Bluetooth OFF: Number “12” becomes red.

With steps: 5c095cf6a492f_06122018.bin
With current temperature: 5c0a8d7bec3db_07122018.bin


Version 3.1 (10.27): Changed the style of hands. Changed the color of scale to red.
Version 3.2 (10.28): Changed Bluetooth ON icon to red dot at center.
Version 3.3 (10.31): Changed the style of hands to a more elegant one. (Design is from Dual Time watchface of Larsen: Changed bluetooth image.
Version 3.4 (11.25): Swapped positions of battery and alarm indicators on the top. Inverted date indicator for better readability. Moved heart rate indicator to the middle left.
Version 3.5 (12.07): Added version with current temperature instead of steps upon request of HD21.

Source: Minimal Analog 3.5 HIDE – Amazfit Bip Watch faces


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