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vbEN 12/24h [seconds] – Amazfit Cor Watch faces

Design and concept by vinnybear.

5b8ad5fe82237_01092018.bin: 12h (with am/pm)
5b8ad62cbeb94_01092018.bin: 24h (with seconds)
5b8ad64d568cd_01092018.bin: 24h (without seconds)

Also as GERMAN version “vbDE” available.

Attention! Please don’t use this watchface as base for your own and upload them.
I’m not sure if the used font (Robot Crush from is free to use it. I paid for it.

The Cor doesn’t seem to redraw exactly every second. So sometimes it skips a second.

Source: vbEN 12/24h [seconds] – Amazfit Cor Watch faces


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