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BigW2 EN/PT/FR/GER_DE/ES 12/24h – Amazfit Bip Watch face

Archive includes multiple watchfaces

5b950699df701_09092018 EN 24h.
5b950699df8a5_09092018 EN 12h.
5b9506ee9cc47_09092018 PT 12h,
5b9506ee9ce6a_09092018 PT 24h,
5b95076315517_09092018 FR 12h,
5b9507631560a_09092018 FR 24,
5b97b9d62e3da_11092018 GER 12h,
5b97b9d62e557_11092018 GER 24h,
5b97bdea699a6_11092018 ES 12h,
5b97bdea69c38_11092018 ES 24h,

Source: BigW2 EN/PT/FR/GER_DE/ES 12/24h – Amazfit Bip Watch faces


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