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AmazeROM WOS2 for Pace

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***** AmazeROM WOS2 for Pace *****

The future is here!

– Simple and safe installer;
– Installs stock and offers to install Customization Package;
– Can be used to flash other ROMs that use “”;
– Can be used to fix bricked devices that have unlocked bootloader.

DISCLAIMER: You are using the provided files by your own risk, although I have tested the installation I am not responsible for any damage or data lost if you decide to use them.

Compatible with macOS/Linux (tested on High Sierra and Ubuntu 16.04) or Windows. Requires unlocked bootloader!

The script will check for requirements, and will only continue if everything is fine. If you are on Windows, make sure the drivers are working correctly before starting: open Device Manager and put watch in fastboot mode then check if it is detected correctly, or you can use the provided “checkdrivers_win.cmd” to do this and check if watch’s bootloader is unlocked. If you get any errors then probably drivers aren’t installed properly, and you should fix this before starting.

PS: If you are on Windows, make sure fastboot driver is working properly using the directions above. If the driver seems to be installed correctly (no question mark on the device) then try disabling or uninstalling your antivirus temporary. Avast is known to cause problems with USB drivers.

Current version installs firmware (WOS2 = Watch OS 2.0) on Pace, and can be used to fix a bricked watch, simply put it in fastboot mode manually *before* starting the script. Make sure you try to do this with a Pace watch or provide the correct ROM in the “rom” folder, otherwise it will brick your device.

PS: During the ROM installation, when watch is in Recovery Mode, it will display a triangle with an exclamation mark and the text “no command”, it’s expected! Simply follow the instructions provided by the script.

– How to run on Linux
Go to the folder with the uncompressed files in terminal and run “sudo bash amazeflash.command” (Linux requires root access to fastboot), then follow instructions.

– How to run on macOS
Go to the folder with the uncompressed files in Terminal and run “bash amazeflash.command”, or simply double-click “amazeflash.command” then follow instructions. PS: Decompress the 7z file with Keka or TheUnarchiver to preserve file permissions.

– How to run on Windows
Go to the folder with the uncompressed files in command prompt and run “amazeflash_win.cmd” or simply double-click “amazeflash_win.cmd” (you may not see the file extension in some cases), then follow instructions.

Use the same procedure if you want to run the custom package installation script after you successfully flashed the ROM, it will prompt to install modded files or revert to stock versions. Be aware the reverting to stock version may not work if you want to apply OTA to update later, it’s recommended that you flash stock version again and don’t apply the Customization Package.

For more info, please refer to the included “_READM_ME.txt” file.

Some remarks:
– Customization Package includes WearSettings, NewWearSport and HuamiWatchFaces with improved support and voice prompts in English.
– If watch is *not* on firmware 2.x yet (it means *any* 1.x firmware) then probably you want to do a factory reset first and then use the installer (it works even if watch shows QR code).
– If watch already have firmware 2.x, then no need to factory reset first a priori…
– On stock ROM in English, the “About” section in Settings causes it to crash, it works in Chinese and if the Customization Package is installed.
– After a Factory Reset, language will revert to Chinese, you can set it back to English with these adb commands (you can use copy and paste, script for Windows is included with installer):
adb wait-for-device
adb shell setprop persist.sys.language en
adb shell setprop US
adb reboot


You can buy me a coffee or cheesecake (please, no beers 😋), Paypal address for donations: lfomartins[at]
PS: there is no fee free option to transfer money to my country, you must use “pay for goods and services”, but don’t worry, you will only be charged for the amount you send. Thanks!

This was only possible because of the modded recovery image provided by Neue_User on XDA:…/tutorial-unbrick-huami-a…

In the above post you can find details on how to put Pace or Stratos manually in fastboot mode. It’s tricky and very hard to do, but it works.


Latest Version v1.2 – firmware

– Installer will NOT run anymore if root is detected (this can happen if watch has other custom ROMs) and only install via fastboot/recovery (safer).
– amazefls.log now won’t be erased every time you run the installer script, but store all flash history for debugging.

Download link:…
SHA1SUM: E941FD472C626872707C06065177DC728BA64FB6

Latest Version: v1.1

– Updated to firmware
– Updated support for EN

Firmware Changelog:

Thanks to Jon Merino for sharing the system dump! You rock, dude! 👍

Download Link:
** Temporary Disabled **

SHA1SUM: 0CB3FB554A397B53C1E739586E98C2FF8C1FCE0C


Thanks to Ing Raynieris and Wong Chin Cheang for testing and Pavel Zeldinfor support.


Old Versions


– Updated to firmware
– Updated support for EN

Firmware Changelog:

Thanks to Jon Merino for sharing the system dump! You rock, dude! 👍

** Link Disabled Please use V1.2 **
SHA1SUM: 0CB3FB554A397B53C1E739586E98C2FF8C1FCE0C

– Fixed AmazeCustom installer for both Win and Mac when run separately;
– Moved all scripts to main folder for easier access and simplified maintenance;
– Moved all Windows binaries to pgm folder to simplify future updates;
– Added Windows script to set language to EN (needed after a factory reset/unpair).

** Link Disabled Please use V1.2 **
SHA1SUM: 47D0777F599586A63D293E592B6770D7FE77982A

**TLink Disabled Please use V1.2 **
SHA1SUM: 64205E4D683B388E8C087FCF49B20FE6FDEA8235


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