Original Stratos Watch Faces ported to Pace

Some differences, that may help other porting watchfaces to the original Pace watch:
1. Stratos watchface version is 1.4 while Pace is 1.2 (as of now, firmware 1.3.6d). If Pace is updated to 1.4 then maybe most watchfaces will work without conversion;
2. Stratos support a new item “support26w”, I have disabled it in the ported watchfaces;
3. Original Pace supports only data types models 0 and 1 (besides date, datatype=6, that works with higher models numbers as well) while Stratos can use 2 and 3, maybe more. Model 0 is the circular one (only in red?) and 1 is the linear one, while 2 and 3 are circular (with different sizes and circle patterns?);
4. Stratos uses a different way to configure time hands while the screen is locked, looks like a pattern map instead of simply using low resolution PNG files for each hand;
5. I could not deodex the HuamiWatchfaces2.apk to try installing on Pace, trying to decompile the odex file gives an error about a non supported OAT version 45 (if I recall it correctly), I’ve tried with different baksmali versions (maybe because it’s MIPS?).
If anyone knows how to deodex the apk, please drop me a line.

The two watchfaces that look good on Pace are attached, previews below.

Link to all the files and HuamiWatchfaces2.apk from Stratos Chinese ROM

Source: Original Stratos Watch Faces ported to Pace


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