Amazfit Pace 2 – More Information

Over the last day or more Huami has been teasing us with more information on the new watch. Since I have absolutely no ability to read any Chinese whatsoever, I’m not entirely sure what’s being communicated here. But, based on Google Translate, I’m assuming the following…the hand crushing a calendar page appears to be announcing version 2.0 of the watch software – perhaps the phone app as well. It is also boasting about how they’ve been updating the original ROM for 64 weeks. Which is a fair boast as they’ve been far more aggressive than other smartwatch manufacturers on updating. The guy using a keyboard with electric bolts shooting out the sides is more cryptic. Translation suggests it’s about mass transportation. Um…maybe faster USB, WiFi or Bluetooth is coming? The two photo posters appear to simply be promoting that the new watch is coming. The first is Huami’s CEO Huang Wang and the second, I think, is a sports celebrity Iron Chen Da Wang Lei.


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