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Amazfit Pace 2 – What is Known – Updated

New Amazfit Pace 2 Boot Animation

Huami has been very good at keeping quiet about tomorrow’s release of the new Amazfit Pace 2. Very little is known, with any certainty mostly we’re inferring a few things from what little they have said so far. There are plenty of rumors, however.  Larger battery, longer battery life, 5 ATM waterproofing, enhanced phone/watch operation – perhaps replies to texts from the watch, more responsive to touch. It could be possible they’ll replace Android 5.1 with the proprietary OS they currently use on the Amazfit Bip (but if so, I hope they release a watch face designer as well!).

Here are things we can reasonably infer from what they’ve said on their site so far…

  • It will have a mountaineering mode (inferred from the image of the mountain in the original post image).
  • It will be faster and perform better. We can infer this from hints on their forums – but also from the video above showing the boot animation – which only takes 25 seconds to boot!
  • The screen resolution is likely to be the same as the current Pace smartwatch. The boot animation is 320×304 pixels. This also suggests the ‘flat tire’ screen design will be kept.
  • The screen color depth MAY be 24bit color. The new boot animation has some very smooth color gradients.
  • The bezel around the watch will be hand-polished ceramic – they have stated this on their forums and posted this GIF with it.
  • The watch will still be round – the first GIF shows a round bezel.
  • The watch will have 5 ATM (atmosphere) depth rating for immersion in water. From one of the new GIFs
  • To go with the 5 ATM depth rating it will also have a swim mode. From another new GIF.

I’m afraid that’s about it. They do still seem to be planning the announcement tomorrow, or it might be on the 12th. Huami has conflicting information on that. But the blind pre-order today seems to have been postponed for now. (Click here for Pre-Order page.)

You can also visit the mobile countdown page here.


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