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Amazfit Bip Guide to create .bin file

Guide to create .bin file (for matching watch faces/etc)
First, install on your pc:


  • go to
  • click “Clone or download” button
  • select Download zip
  • save the zip file on your pc
  • extract the content of the zip file in a new folder
  • copy the desired bin file in the same folder of the scripts
  • open a command shell and go to the folder where the scripts and the bin file are located
  • us cd command ( e.g. cd c:\scriptfolder ) and press enter
  • Unzip the bin file using the command -i binfilename.bin -u
  • Edit the png files with gimp
  • Create a bin file using the new resources -i binfilename.bin -p
  • The new file will be created with extension Change the extension to .bin
End Credit to theShADoW

Source: Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Bip INTERNATIONAL


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