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Some Modest Suggestions for the Amazfit Pace XML

I sent this to Huami in hope that Huami might consider the following improvements to the watchface XML that we use in developing custom watchfaces.

More than one type=’timedigital’ with masking so we can create vertical watchfaces similar to ‘Time Travel” and “I’m Runner” – if you could also add an offset variable to add/subtract hours this could be used to create multiple timezone watchfaces.

Add a configList to the ‘type=’datawidget” XML so we could point it to our own prerendered graphics for step counters, weather, and the other widgets. This would let us create larger displays for Weather, Date, and other widgets that would give greater design options and allow larger displays for widgets for people with poor eyesight.

A new variable for all WatchFaceItem types: rotation – to allow the creation of elements that are rotated to an angle.

Finally – a new XML type ‘foreground’ to let us put a PNG image over the watchface – this would just allow some more complex designs.

I don’t expect them to follow my ideas to the letter – or even at all – but these ideas follow the approaches used currently in their XML and would vastly increase the abilities of it for more varied and powerful watchface design.


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