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Better Notifications/Music/Dialing and more! Lumatic Software’s Droid Phone/Assistant

The developer known as Lumatic Software has created something nearly perfect for us Amazfit Pace owners. It’s essentially a complete replacement for Amazfit’s own notification system. Now when you get a text, email, Skype, etc – you can reply via canned messages! But that’s not all! It also lets you control the Android Music Player (other music players may or may not work). You can also have your phone dial up to seven contacts! You can also view previous messages (10, 50, or more can be saved on the watch) and reply later!

Seriously – this is really good software. It’s easy to use. Turn off Push Notifications in the Amazfit app then configure this app instead. Done.

There’s only one flaw, which may have already been fixed by the time you read this – some of the fonts are a bit large on the Amazfit and a title/number at the top of a display might overlap the text below. The developer is continuing to work on this app, welcomes suggestions, and is committed to Amazfit Pace support (this actually works with any watch based on stock Android).

This gallery of images shows you the Android Application:

Download the phone app from the Play Store here:

This gallery of images below shows you the watch application in action:

You can download the Watch App from the Play Store here: or you can download it here from our site: app-release-asis.apk

Here is Lumatic’s own description of all the features.

Some time ago I bought a smartwatch with Android and I was not satisfied with the applications that I found to handle it, for that reason believes:

Watch Droid Assistant – (Smartwatch version.)

Watch Droid Phone – (Phone version.)

Both use Bluetooth directly to communicate.
The applications are under test and may have errors if so do not stop contacting me I will try to solve them as soon as possible.
I clarify that the English is not my native language so I passed the application by a translator, for aids in the translation since already they are grateful.

Connect your Android watch to your phone so you can receive notifications of your selected applications, incoming call information, make a call, manage music playback, turn up or down the volume, and more.


After giving permission to manage the notifications of the phone and select the applications you want to control you can respond the same from the watch.
In the options of the application of the phone, you will have the possibility to modify your predefined answers, to eliminate or to add.
If the notification has the possibility of being answered the button will appear to be able to select one of your predetermined answers or the possibility of doing it by keyboard.


When you enter a call to your phone the watch shows you the data of the call, with the possibility of rejecting it.
After setting the fast call buttons, from the watch you can dial the number for a call from your phone in the following ways:
* Select the configured contact.
* Dial a number with a keyboard.
* Select a watch contact and dial the number.


In the music option you can:
* Open the default player on your phone.
* Skip the theme, pause or play it.
* Raise or lower the multimedia volume of the phone.


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