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[August 4, 2017] Amazfit Pace Development ROM update – Chinese ROM only

Based on discussions elsewhere, we learned that the development of the software on the Amazfit Pace is a weekly thing for the Chinese ROM. This Friday’s announcement shows some interesting updates occurred. Google translation follows…

Add iOS version of the voice assistant experience version (need the latest iOS development version of APP release)
* support chat
* support weather, voice portion of encyclopedic knowledge of query
* support the limit line query in some areas (Beijing, Tianjin, Guiyang, Nanchang, Chengdu, Lanzhou)
* support Math arithmetic
* support for a shares for each security Price Inquiry
* Support for currency exchange in various currencies
* Support for voice alarm settings for watch clocks
* Support for countdown settings for watch count
Added motion trajectory to export GPX file function (export to watch / gpxdata directory)
Meta home application security policy upgrade (Need to re-add the watch in the mobile phone home APP)
– to optimize the system stability
– to fix a number of bug

Source: [August 4, 2017] Amazfit Sport Watch Week 21 Development ROM update notice – Sports Watch


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