Imitation Win8 Amazfit Bip Watchface

Imitation Win8 Amazfit Bip Watchface Source: [New Reminder] Imitation Win8 dial, made of finished, position adjustment, color contrast, etc. (large font) – Powered by Discuz!

Notify & Fitness for Amazfit adds Watchface Upload

Notify & Fitness for Amazfit can be used as a replacement for the official Mi Fit app, or it can be used as a companion to Mi Fit. There is a recommendation: pair band first on official app and then on the Notify app to avoid any conflicts. Usually, it[…]

Alert Bridge for Amazafit Bip – an Alternative to MiFit

Alternative implementation of sending notifications from phone to watch. Differences from the functionality in Mi Fit at the moment:   * Full content of messages from instant messengers (verified by Telegram, Viber, Hangouts, FB Messenger)   * Smilies replaced with their text names   * Replacement of Ukrainian letters with[…]

Amazfit Bip keeps the English language with Xiaomi Mi Fit

Last month, Amazfit Bip, one of the most interesting smartwatches on the market, received official support for the English language , even though there was a big limitation. It was indeed necessary to set the English language on the smartphone to be able to use English even on the smartwatch. Setting the Italian[…]