Simple SW – Amazfit Bip Watch faces

Fork of “Simple SW with Hide Lockscreen (CZ-DE-ENG-ESP-FR-HU-ITA-SK-PT-NL) Version v2.0 in 24h / 12h” With the lockscreen option removed. Source: Simple SW – Amazfit Bip Watch faces

A New Fit Watch- Bip by Huami

Many individuals on the market assume that the Apple Watch is the one smartwatch value contemplating, and it’s true that Android watches go away a lot to be desired. There’s a whole world on the ma… Source: A New Fit Watch- Bip by Huami

Minimal Analog 3.5 HIDE – Amazfit Bip Watch faces

Simple analog watchface with hidden indicators (battery, date, distance, steps, heart rate). Bluetooth OFF: Number “12” becomes red. With steps: 5c095cf6a492f_06122018.bin With current temperature: 5c0a8d7bec3db_07122018.bin CHANGELOG: Version 3.1 (10.27): Changed the style of hands. Changed the color of scale to red. Version 3.2 (10.28): Changed Bluetooth ON icon to red[…]

Pebble Sliding Text HIDE V3.6 – Amazfit Bip Watch faces

Inspired by the original Pebble watchface. This version uses the overlapping images trick by Takada H. It is a little bit less clear than normal digits, but now every numerals for hours are in the same row. With the placeholder zeros for minutes “01” to “09” – MMDD: 5bddc5ebb7cb3_03112018.bin Without[…]