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Amazfit Bip tips and tricks

The Amazfit Bip is one of the best budget smartwatches you can get, crammed with plenty of features – sleep tracking, GPS and heart rate – for a low price. You also get a whopping 30 to 45 days of battery life. It’s insane, we know, and you couldn’t help but get one on your… […]

Amazfit Bip – Custom watchface, Music controls, Calls, Tasker integration and more

XDA member, NelsonTKY, has created a series of tutorials showing how you can use the Android app, Tools & Amazfit, along with Tasker to control anything thru the ITTT system. Most of the guides require the use of two paid apps, ‘Tasker’ and ‘Tools & Amazfit’. Both are awesome apps (esp Tasker). Tasker:….taskerm&hl=en Tools & […]


Amazfit Bip JSON Reference w/Comments

Android / data / / files / watch_skin { “Background”: {“Dial Background” “Image”: {“Background Picture Coordinate Control , Fixed as x: 0; y: 0 ” ” X “: 0, ” Y “: 0, ” ImageIndex “: 0″ Reference background picture name ” } }, ” Time “: {” Digital faceplate hour control ” Hours […]


StratOS 1.0: Italian ROM for the AmazFit Stratos

  StratOS 1.0, Italian ROM for the AmazFit Stratos smartwatch. This ROM is for AmazFit Stratos and is not compatible with AmazFit Pace, do not install it on PACE! Source: StratOS 1.0: Italian ROM for the AmazFit Stratos | Nicola Sagliano

Amazfit Pace Internal Photos

Does anyone want to see what is inside Amazfit Pace? Here you go. A gentleman in Thailand posted this amazing pictures. He did not take it off. But the Pace split itself (battery expanded most likely) He said everything seems to be fine for several months. Until recently, the battery drains fast. Then, it split. Source: Global […]

Let’s find out how an Amazfit Bip is made with an unusual teardown

Usually foreign sites, especially Chinese ones, make the teardowns of the most interesting technological devices. This time it is an Italian site,, to have dissected, in the true sense of the word, an Amazfit Bip , to show us how it is done and to try to catch new secrets. Unlike the normal teardowns, […]