Amazfit Pace Watchface – Time Travel

Two more, the simplest Time Travel, as Paulo Januário asked. Install pacefied version if your rom is 1.2.49k+ and stockified if any other rom. Valid for stratos and pace. As always in my drive:… Have fun! Want to buy me a beer? Source: (1) Global Huami Amazfit Pace Smartwatch Group

Franko76 WearWeather Watchface

The Francko76-WearWeather.apk watchface on this link is Italian.…/1lZ3FH8dO-3Gqzp07futpYilD9VGRlDB2 Here is the same watchface for English… Source: Global Huami Amazfit Pace Smartwatch Group

Original Stratos Watch Faces ported to Pace

Some differences, that may help other porting watchfaces to the original Pace watch: 1. Stratos watchface version is 1.4 while Pace is 1.2 (as of now, firmware 1.3.6d). If Pace is updated to 1.4 then maybe most watchfaces will work without conversion; 2. Stratos support a new item “support26w”, I[…]

New Pace watchfaces from Luis Baena

So here I am again. Now I bring 4 new apk watchfaces, all of them based on the Prototype Source apk. I’d like to thank Aleš Heller for the designs ideas and Kingofdevils and Marco Fregapane for their help. Remember, if you have a Rom version 1.2.49k+, use the Pacefied version. If you have[…]