FCB – Amazfit Bip Watch faces

Football Club Barcelona, with steps and pulsation. retouched by hand shield and battery. the bluetooth icon is only visible when connected. Source: FCB – Amazfit Bip Watch faces

Amazfit BIP Online Watchface Editor

It’s been a while since we checked in with v1ack over at his Amazfit BIP Watchface Editor site. He’s added new features and now supports analog hands, real-size preview and more. It’s pretty much the best tool for making Bip watchfaces! Source: Watchface Editor

Simple Grey (Without Second) – Amazfit Bip Watch faces

I removed the seconds analog, because it’s draining battery too fast. I’m sorry I can’t mention who made this beautiful watchface. I downloaded this watchface from “Amazfit Bip Watchface” app on android, unfortunately I can’t find detail information on that apps. I just did a little bit modification, adding battery[…]

Gadgetbridge 0.26.0: free your workouts on the Amazfit Bip

Gadgetbridge 0.26.0 has just been tagged and will show up on F-Droid soon. The highlight of this release is the added feature that allows to export the activities (workouts) recorded with the Amazfit Bip. Source: Gadgetbridge 0.26.0: free your workouts on the amazfit bip — Freeyourgadget blog