Falcon Heavy V2 ENG – Amazfit Bip Watch face

NEW VERSION!!! with the different stages of rocket launch. For space lovers, Watchface inspired the launch of the SpaceX rocket, The Falcon Heavy. The watchface gives information of: Day of the week, Day of the month, icon of weather and current temperature, number of steps and Heart rate. Source: Falcon[…]

The $80 Amazfit Bip smartwatch after two weeks: Deal or no deal?

Some days, the deals come out of the woodwork. Others, like today… nuttin’. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to revisit a really popular deal from earlier this month: the $80 Amazfit Bip watch. A quick refresher: the Bip looks a lot like the Apple Watch, though it’s both thinner and lighter. It has a[…]

Amazfit Bip review – Gadgets Networks

Xiaomi sub-model Huami is continuing its march into the entire world of wearables with the Amazfit Bip. It’s a price range smartwatch that bears more than a passing resemblance to the big boy in the smartwatch globe, the Apple Check out. Other than its common seems, the big factor the[…]

Amazfit Bip Goldeneye Watch face

Hi everyone, I present the 007 goldeneye watch face. The left bar is steps progress with goal “mission complete”. The right bar is the battery life. BT = Bluetooth DND = DO NOT DISTURB ALM= ALARM LK = LOCK Any bug just report me 24h https://amazfitwatchfaces.com/bip/view/?id=3840 12h https://amazfitwatchfaces.com/bip/view/?id=3841 Source: Xiaomi[…]

Bip WF Editor v.90 by ilGruppoTester

What started out as a design for personal use to do in lost time, to save some time in the editing of watch faces, thanks to the stimuli and support of the grouperester, has become a program with over 6,500 lines of code, which it took more than two months[…]

Alert Bridge for Amazfit Bip – Better Alerts for Bip!

An alternative implementation of sending notifications from phone to watch. Functionality in the app at the moment: * Full content of messages from instant messengers * Smilies replaced with their text names * Replacement of Ukrainian letters with understandable “analogs” * Customize the style of messages (3 styles to choose[…]